The "Prix Laurent Moonens" is a yearly competition opened to final year students of any of the six "Ecole SupĂ©rieure d'Art" in Brussels, the home town of the Artist (Sint-Lukas Brussels, ESA St.Luc, La Cambre, ERG, AcadĂ©mie Royale, Le 75). 
For the "Session 2024", its eleventh instance, the winners will be awarded one of the four studio spaces in the Foundation house for a 9 months residence. 
The Jury includes 9 members : 
- The administrative board of the Foundation (1 vote), 
- Patricia van Thillo, Art collector and administrator of Wiels
- Mimi Dusselier, Art collector,
- Natalia Petroff, interior designer,
- Fabienne Grasser-Fulcheri, director EAC Mouans-Sartoux
- Luc de Tillesse, Art collector,
- Benedikt van der Vorst, Art collector
- Albert Baronian, gallery owner and Art dealer, 
- Olivier Kaeppelin, curator, Art critic and writer,
Entries have to be submitted before April 22 2024 at 24:00