The MOONENS Foundation is a non profit organization created in 2013 in Belgium, the home country of the artist. 
Its purposes are :  
  • The conservation and availability to the public of the artworks and archives of Laurent Moonens, both as an artist and as an academic,  
  • To resume his pedagogical contribution to the Arts by helping artists and creators to fulfill their vocation, 
The "Home" of the MOONENS Foundation is located Philippe de Champa(i)gne street, 50 - 1000 Brussels, the name of the street being an unforeseen but happy coincidence. The 600m2 building includes exhibition, performance and reception space, administration, archives and 4 studios to be made available to Artists, especially within the context of the "Prix Laurent Moonens". 

Prix Laurent Moonens
The "Home" of the Foundation
Articles of association & Official recognition

F     O     N     D     A     T     I     O     N
F o n d a t i o n        d ' U t i l i t é        P u b l i q u e