P R I X   L A U R E N T   M O O N E N S 
F     O     N     D     A     T     I     O     N
(winners and guests)
The "Prix Laurent Moonens" is a yearly competition open to the final year students of any of the six "Ecole SupĂ©rieure d'Art" in Brussels, the home town of the Artist (Sint-Lukas, ESA St.Luc, La Cambre, ERG, AcadĂ©mie Royale, ESA Le 75). 
The winners are awarded a 9 months residency in one of the four studio spaces in the Foundation house. We found this is a good way to contribute to an Artist's career, specifically when the emerging creator quits the student's environment.
Our Jury is composed of 5 or more members, some are permanent, some might change every year.
The "Prix Laurent Moonens" sessions :
(2014-2015 residency)
 2015 (2015-2016 residency)                                              
   Lubumbashi Session 2015
   2016 (2016-2017 residency)
   2017 (2017-2018 residency)
   2018 (2018-2019 residency)
   2019 (2019-2020 residency)
   Lubumbashi Session 2019